Cytus tries to help user earn interest from real economic activities while achieving extremely high capital efficiency. Below is a flowchart illustrating how a user can interact with the protocol.
To start with, user deposit 1000 USDC to our treasury. The protocol will mint 1000 USDY back to user subject to minting fees. The USDY is a stable coin pegged to $1 with overcollateralization mechanism. After receiving 1000 USDC from user, the protocol will lend out 90% of it to financial institutions.
User can choose to stake USDY or provide USDY-USDC LP to farm CTS token.
USDY is a rebasing token, meaning its amount will automatically grows as interest collected from real economic activities.
CTS token is our utility token which adopt a VE token model. By locking CTS as veCTS, user will earn part of the interest generated from lending and all protocol fees including trading fees from our DEX, minting fees and transmuter fees. The revenue of veCTS will be distributed in the format of USDY.
Below is the payment flows of user.
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