Cytus Protocol
The next generation protocol disrupting DeFi and private credit
Cytus protocol is a decentralized ecosystem that aims to bridge sustainable yield from the $1tr Private Credit market to solve the Yield Crisis in DeFi today. Cytus channels liquidity from individual investors in DeFi to end borrowers in the real world by a DAO managed marketplace. Any financial institution specialized in the borrowing/lending activity of a specific asset class can apply to be an “Arranger” for Cytus, who handles the real-world operations to channel Cytus’ liquidity into their own borrowers’ hands. To crypto-native individual investors, this is a way to park stablecoin for sustainable and steady yield. To real world borrowers, this is a source of cheaper and faster financing dominating that of traditional finance. To DeFi, this is a way to become truly useful and mainstream by solving pain points unaddressed by the traditional financial markets.
There is a detailed medium article about yield crisis in DeFi and what is the big picture about Cytus from our CEO Scarlet Chen: https://t.co/URmxUXD9ZL
Last modified 4mo ago
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